The Demands of the Abortion Industry Are Targeting Kansas

March 6

What other right do you get to claim that then requires the rest of society to give you something?

Most of our rights are premised on the fact that they only require others to refrain from something. But according to many courts around the country and to abortion activist, their “right” to abortion demands something of you.

They DEMAND you pay for it!

We’re seeing this in state after state across the country and a huge push for it from every Democratic candidate for President – not only should states protect abortion to the utmost degree, but everyone else should have to pay for it. Thankfully, Kansans have historically rejected the idea that taxpayers should be required pay for any abortion.

But that’s exactly what will eventually happen in our state if we don’t reverse the Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling from last Spring in Hodes & Nauser. This effect is only amplified by any sort of expansion of Medicaid.

The media and our opponents want to count us out of this fight.

But it ain’t over until it’s over. That is certainly true in Kansas.

Thankfully this means that the Value Them Both amendment still has time. They want you to believe that it’s over and that we are artificially holding up Medicaid expansion. There is a clear connection between the two and we are winning the argument. It has been verified in multiple states across the nation where courts have protected the “right” to abortion that Medicaid expansion eventually leads to an alarming increase in the number of taxpayer-funded abortions.

Medicaid expansion advocates have admitted that expansion could lead to increases here in Kansas—they know they cannot count us out.

We always knew passing Value Them Both would be a challenge.

We are nowhere near done and we are not going anywhere!

We need you to partner with us now, more than ever, to continue to encourage your legislators to do the right thing and pass the Amendment.

No one in Kansas wants to be known as the person who allowed taxpayer funded abortion in our state and we need to let legislators know that a vote against Value Them Both is a vote for that. We know that without the amendment, a vote for Medicaid expansion is a vote for taxpayer funded abortion.

Even if we insisted on pro-life language in a Medicaid bill (or any other legislation for that matter), it would all be meaningless because we would still be exposed to the whim of any future court using the Hodes & Nauser ruling to then mandate taxpayer-funding of abortion. One way or another – that is their goal and it must be stopped!

Value Them Both must pass.

Please contact your legislators today and urge them to protect all Kansas from having to be complicit in the abortion industry.

Standing for life,

Brittany Jones