You are needed to help pass the Value Them Both Amendment to the Kansas Constitution. Your voice is crucial to protecting life!


Appoint a Value Them Both Leader for your church: Appoint a member of your staff or church to be the point person on advocating for the Value Them Both Amendment. Please have your Value Them Both Leader contact us using the form below so that we can keep your church informed about events and outreaches.

Spread the Word: Tell your congregation to vote YES on the Value Them Both Amendment, whether from the pulpit or in church communications.

Send your church members to Encourage pledge signatures and for members to contact their legislators through our easy to use Action Center.

Distribute literature to church members about the Amendment: Contact us for available resources.

Invite a Value Them Both Speaker to your church: We would be happy to come to your church and speak during your services, or set-up a table in your lobby.

Promote the Amendment: Put a sign in front of your church supporting the amendment.

Reach Out to Your Community: Churches are the best equipped to reach the local community that they already serve. Mobilize your congregation to participate in sign-waving events, hold community events, knock on doors, and more. Contact us to work together on the amendment


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